Forever Foster Program


All Breed Animal Rescue believes that ALL dogs deserve a chance at a life where they have an opportunity to be loved and cared for. This is why we frequently take dogs into our rescue that other rescues will not. We have a special place in our hearts for those dogs that are overlooked or face euthanasia because of their age, a handicap, an illness, or a health problem. Sometimes, these things can be fixed with surgery, treatment, or medication and then these dogs find their forever homes. From time to time, they become permanent fosters because their health issues would be too much for an adoptive family to take on.

The expenses incurred while caring for dogs with lifetime or fatal illnesses can be very high. We rely solely on donations to care for these animals while in our foster homes. We provide everything to our foster homes including veterinary care, medications, and even food. At this time we are slowly starting to build our forever foster home network. If you are interested in becoming a forever foster home, please contact us.