It all started when…

Brittany Thadani rescued her first dog when she was three years old. That tradition still continues. After having numerous debilitating back and shoulder surgeries, Brittany was forced to give up her job as a veterinary technician. “Rescue saved me” said Thadani. “Because I could no longer do what I loved to do, I felt useless. And then I found rescue.”

In June 2009, after helping to start programs with two other rescue groups, Brittany decided to form the nonprofit,  All Breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas, or ABARC. Based in Apex, North Carolina, the rescue has a strong support system of foster homes spanning throughout NC.

How We Make A Difference

  1. Offering adoption services, while fostering dogs in loving homes until placed with their forever family

  2. Working towards our common goals of saving dog’s lives and reducing pet overpopulation

  3. Educating the public on the importance of adoption, spaying and neutering of pets, proper diet and regular vet visits

  4. Rehabilitation: Our dogs often need physical, social or medical rehabilitation

  5. Minor to major medical/surgical needs

  6. Our commitment to senior animals in shelters

  7. Dogs with physical disabilities or handicaps

We encourage you to support those who support us

PetSound Animal Hospital
Our veterinary provider is one of the most important aspects of our rescue organization and plays a critical role with each and every dog that comes through our adoption program. Without the efforts of veterinarians Dr. Kevin Monce & Dr. Shaina Stewart Soule, and their dedicated staff we would not be able to save lives in the capacity we do.

Our Friends in Rescue